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Introducing how to view baccarat table, baccarat graphs, card issuance statistics in detail

Believe that many gamblers may not know how to view the ufabet baccarat table, which is a table that is essential to playing baccarat that should be studied a lot. It is a table that will allow you to see the trend of playing cards. For more accurate card pattern predictions. And should practice, gain experience in playing to become proficient, will ensure confidence in decision making. And will be able to predict the trend of the cards. Which can be see from the card table itself. In which professional gamblers will pay more attention to the table of cards.

Introducing how to view the ufa baccarat table

It is a table that records the actual results of the cards from the beginning of the first turn to the present. It is sub-divided into two forms:

Biggest table ufabet

  • It is the main table that will be use most often. It is a starting table that must be learn in order to develop to look at other tables in the future. The Big Table is a simple and understandable one at a glance. The nature of this table is that it has 6 vertical rows and extends to the right side to record the outcome of the cards. It uses color as a symbol, for example Banker is use as a red circle line symbol. Player is use as a blue circle line symbol.
  • Recording will start from the first column in the top left and down to the bottom of the 6 squares, then start a new row to the right and so on. If the result of the card still comes out on the same side, it will continue to be record downwards. If the cards change sides, they must be record in a new column, alternating, but if the result is a draw. They will not be record in the table. Because it is consider a refund. The result of a pair of cards will be display as a point on the edge of the circle. For example, the result is a pair of players cards. It will be a blue dot symbol at the bottom right edge of the circle. Dealer’s pair It is a red dot symbol on the upper left circle border.

ufa bead table

  • It is a baccarat table that is use to show the actual results of the cards being issue. It will start showing results from the first row, top left, descending until it is full. And then add new columns to the right, not setting up new rows when the result of the cards changes like the largest table. It uses the letter B instead when the Banker side wins and uses the letter P instead when the Player side wins and uses the letter T instead of the tie result.
  • This will be able to see an overview of the result of losing and winning in detail from the first turn that every turn of the cards has been reveal. How many turns have been release. Which will be able to clearly notice the trend of the cards in the next turn What should the outcome of the cards be?