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Simikas pointed out the form to compete for the position of “Robbo”

Liverpool left-back Costas Simikas has been challenged to compete with Andrew Robertson as they push each other forward. And of course, the benefit falls on the agency in full.

After the break the team at Robert’s sore muscles after his return gave Sit Amiga’s race to actually go out and attack the game Arsenal Espanyol 4-0 or a year . The winners FC Porto 2. -0 with a switch for ‘ Robbo ‘ to knock down the rust at the end.

With the current situation, the Greece star is quite satisfied. With a best practice to create difficulties for the manager . The team Jurgen Klopp.  

” Yes, it’s a title race, judging from the physical condition, me and Andy trained very hard, ” Simikas said ahead of the match. South Hampton (27 May . A .).

“ We are all giving our best to play for this team. In my personal opinion, it’s a close match. We help each other We are quite close. If one can be better than the other, it’s Suhok. ”

“ And we always find a way to do the best for the team. Practice hard for the team So I’m very happy because there’s that guy vying for the position. And then competing with someone else is really cool. ” 

Media’s local Liverpool Echo believes that President Michel occasion will also play its ‘ saint ‘ of gamers Merseyside derby matches midweek encounter , Everton, then with Robert Wilson.