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Jung Yu-Na, who is known as a fan of Liverpool

Became of interest for Jung Yu-Na, a South Korean model. Who is known as a fan of Liverpool. The famous English Premier League team Liverpool. Who came out to show dizzying images that made fans to the point of being stun again

After the victory of the belov team that attack the “Canary” Norwich City to the place of Carrow Road 3-0 in the opening game of the English Premier League season on Saturday night. August 14, making She was very impress with the results.

In addition, the Egyptian national team striker Mohamed Salah. Her favorite players were able to score a final goal for the team as well. Poste a picture in the Liverpool kit Show off the most X figure that makes young men Must come in with press likes to spread with text “It was the perfect start”

For Jung Yu-Na she considered as a famous model in the land of ginseng. Previously modeled for the popular magazine MAXIM. She became known around the world after becoming a sensation when media outlets in Europe and Asia featured a photo of her wearing a sexy swimsuit to celebrate Liverpool’s rise to fame. Premier League Champion Success in the last 30 years

, she is also a racer under the Hyundai Motor Club and most importantly, she is an avid follower of Liverpool, always carrying a favorite team shirt with her for photoshoots on various trips. Follow her on Instagram almost 7 hundred thousand people already.