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Bild reveals Lewandowski wanted to leave Bayern

Robert Lewandowski has been link with a decision to leave Bayern Munich in the summer of last year after the Bayern Munich attempt to sign Erling Haaland.

Beer’s Bild reported on Wednesday. That Robert Lewandowski made the decision to leave Bayern Munich in the summer of last year. After the Tigers were linked with him. That tried to sign with Erling Haaland to bring the Norwegian shooting star to replace him.

Lewandowski has publicly expressed his desire to leave Bayern Munich this summer. While Poland striker Pini Zahawi will try to do everything he can. Do it to get him out of Munich. Although there is still a commitment with the Tiger team for another year.

According to Bild, Lewandowski has told team-mates that he made the decision to leave Bayern Munich last summer because of his frustration with the ufabet club’s attempts to sign. Contract with Haaland to replace him 

‘If your boss is trying to find someone to replace you. It’s better to leave,’ Bild was quoted as saying by Lewandowski to his team-mates.

It seems the transfer has a long way to go however. As much as Lewandowski may want to leave, Bayern Munich do not generally cede to player’s demands. Factor in the current situation at Barcelona, the Catalans will also be unable to bend their will with money too.